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The Best Science Writing Online 2012

The Best Science Writing Online 2012

Bora Zivkovic, Jennifer Ouellette


Brain Pickings on The Best Science Writing Online: A far more brilliant and necessary idea than it first appears.

“At first, the idea of publishing some of the web’s finest journalism in a print book might seem counterintuitive, if not downright absurd — after all, half the beauty of online journalism is the magical Rube Goldberg machine of references, strung together via hyperlinks that offer riffs and context without the cumbersome expository bulk of text. So what happens when you strip the writing of its linked context, of the dynamism of hypertext, and confine it to the static printed page?

In The Best Science Writing Online 2012 (public library), editors Bora Zivkovic and Jennifer Ouellette demonstrate precisely what happens — and it’s something rather curious and whimsical.” —Maria Popova in Brain Pickings


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